Buying photoset passwords and panties directly from me <3

11 Dec


Buying my photosets

I’ve gotten a lot of people asking me how to get passwords to my photosets—the answer is you either have to bid on my auctions, or you can buy a password for a particular set.

Here is a full, up to date list of all the photo-sets I have for sale.


Each photo-set is $10, OR you can buy one item from my amazon wish list. However, you’ll have to wait until the item arrives on my doorstep before getting the password.

Direct Sale Panties

I’m pretty sporadic with my auctions—they take time to set up, and I’m very busy. If you can’t wait to taste my creamy love juices, you can always buy direct!

$40 gets you any style of panty, worn up to 3 days. If you prefer just 1 day, let me know.

Methods of payment

All payments should be paid to

My preferred method of payment is discrete PP. I also use venmo—it’s a free, secure service that takes 2 minutes to set up an account with; there are no fees and is totally idiot proof. 

I sometimes accept amazon gift card, please inquire if I am currently accepting this method of payment. If you must use another method, please email me so that we can discuss it. 

Sorry, no cash or check.


Protected: Orange Panties

9 Mar

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Kitty’s Lacy White Boyshorts

1 Mar

oh my, a rare Kitty appears…
Better snap up my juicy panties before they’re gone…..

New auction—kitty’s creamy white boyshorts

19 Nov

oh my, a rare Kitty appears…
Better snap up my juicy panties before they’re gone…..

Goddess Kitty’s Sweat Soaked Summer Socks

8 Jul

Hahahahah, I’m just picturing the tortured look on all my foot boys faces when they see that I’ve got a new auction up, and for a pair of my ultra rare white socks! They know they don’t even deserve to lick dog shit off the bottom of my sneakers, how could they dare to hope for a chance to sniff my precious sweaty socks??? But foot boys don’t know how to stay in the trash where they belong. Redeem your trash selves; bid HIGH and BID FAST and maybe I won’t stomp your tiny pricks into the ground!

Goddess Kitty’s Sweat Soaked Summer Socks


What’s that?

19 May

TWO new auctions?? Better go see for yourself :)




Kitty’s Juicy Old Polkadot Panties QUICKIE 3 DAY AUCTION

Kitty’s Creamy High Waisted White Fullbacks

Fans of my white fullbacks take note

12 Mar



I recently discovered a stash of my old white fullbacks, and have decided to put a pair up for auction! These are always popular, so bid well, my boys!

Kitty’s Back!

23 Feb

After a loooong hiatus, I’ve decided to sell a few panties again! Not sure how long I’ll keep it up, but I have a small pile of old panties that need getting rid of. It will be so nice to hear from all my fans once again :D

I’m starting with a quick 3-day auction to warm up. Thong lovers, this is not one you’ll want to miss!



If this first auction goes well, I’ll keep regularly doing new auctions until all my old panties have found new homes :D Show me some love, and bid here.